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FAIZ FROZEN FOODS (FFF) also known as MAFCO FOODS PVT. LTD. is a Certified Indian Company of Fresh & Frozen Meat Export, occupied in processing, exporting and supplying processed frozen buffalo meat, fresh & frozen sheep meat, fresh & frozen veal meat. We have been exporting frozen boneless buffalo meat food to several international Market Places. Our certified proprietorship firm is placed in Delhi, India. We have an individual Meat Processing Plant positioned at a reachable distance from our registered office. We have a trustworthy system of quality carcass suppliers. Plant is operated by well skilled workers. We are certified by Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Agency (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India. By manufacture use of excellence packaging fabric such as master cartons and vacuum preserved poly packs, we guarantee secure deliverance of consignments to customers.

We follow every latest technological advance system and we have upgraded our food processing branch to stay in competitive market. We work to make sure complete client satisfaction through our reliable labours. Our consumers can be confident of availing disinfected fresh & frozen meat food that are processed and packed.


Is carefully completed by Islamic Shariyath Procedures and is directed by illustrative of Jamiath-Ulama-I-Hind, who issues endorsement with that impact.


The FFF has the capacity to export 15 MT fresh sheep carcass per day and 30 MT frozen buffalo and veal products per day.
All the Plant hardware and supplies utilized are of best quality and standards. Carefully sanitised according to the required standards adjusting to global gauges. Items are confirmed as quality produce of India by APEDA. The organization has yearly turnover in access of Rs 100 Crores.


Centered zone for fares to nations like Behrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mauritus, Oman, Phillipines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Veitnam, Bangladesh, UAE, Yemen, East and West African nations and CIS nations.


FFF is the organization in India to have the one of a kind office to obtain creatures –buffalo, sheep and goat – for handling affirming to the exacting rules of cleanliness and sanitation. Ranchers are urged to raise buffalo and sheep particularly for providing to the organization. The organization, thus stretches out help to them by giving way to entryway veterinary administrations by specialists. FFF has likewise arrangement veterinary clinics. The creatures sourced are analyzed by in-house veterinary specialists before being taken to the abattoir. Butcher is completed after the Islamic Sharia rules of "Halal" technique additionally according to the prerequisites of the bringing in nations. As a training creatures are shielded from seeing different creatures being butchered. After the butcher corpse is isolated into equal parts. The parts are cut, washed, weighed and moved to the chillers to evacuate the body heat and to encourage the way toward deboning.